SoulmatesBL or better known as We are soulmates, aims to provide you with a wide range of series that are not broadcast on open signal TV channels, with the aim of sharing with all our followers the largest number of episodes and series of Bl that they come out every year.

We know our limitations and that is why we always try to innovate in the quality of the service, we try month after month to make commercial alliances with the best companies in order to offer you a better experience and evolve as a platform so that very soon you can watch videos of Bl series legally

Every month we are implementing improvements and we do our best to improve day by day. In our FanPage Soulmates you can find out about any news on the website, currently we do not have with intrusive advertising in such a way that our users can navigate without any problem on our platform.

In addition to being a website to view Episodes of Bl series, hosted on external servers outside of SoulmatesBl, we try to be a reference to share Asian culture. In such a way that in the not too distant future there will be quite good updates that will leave you really surprised.

We are convinced that we are the Number 1 Web of Bl online in Spanish and all this is thanks to your support for us.

Finally, many people have asked us why? the term Soulmates, Soulmates describes the feelings of loving any person without reason of their gender, we are one of the first websites to bring Series Bl without ads, throughout Latin America and that is how the term, SoulmatesBl, was born

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